Hi i’m back,

I’ve been on holidays for two weeks.  I got back on Monday and my teacher is already giving me work (sorry Mr pastro) but what we had to do was comment on 6 people’s blog and here is what i did-

Dear James,
NO! don’t say yes to chloe i will hire you oh! and i will pay you @25 dollars A MINUTE! I think your job application is great and its really really good if you want to help people. So say yes to me NOT chloe.
from Ruby

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Dear Jarrod,
i will hire you! my assistant is Chloe and she will tell you all about our company. but to make sure you come to our company i will pay you $30 dollars a minute if you work on computers and all that stuff.

from Ruby

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Hey Bailey,
its cool that you want to be a soccer player, i want to be footy player when i grow up and play for the Adelaide crows. what is your favourite soccer or footy team?
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Dear Zane,
i’m not a big fan of sausage rolls actually i hate sausage rolls but i love pasty’s i also don’t like four’n twenty meat pie i hate it, what Aussie food do you hate?
from Ruby
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Hello Krystal,
Wow you live in the US thats so cool whats it like there? Is It cool? Do you see stars and singers everyday? that would be so cool if you did. Yay were in the same grade i’m in yr.6 as well. Performance Night is so much fun and i will defiantly visit your blog.

From Ruby

Hello Tom and Mckenzie,
I’m so glad you wrote back, to bad you go for Hawthorn but they are quite a good team they’ve won 4 Grand Finals but they missed out this year HAHA actually I shouldn’t be laughing because the Crows missed out as well…anyway about the chickens and how you love them we have 3 chickens but the thing is I hate birds its embarrassing but I’m scared of birds. My Mum loves cows there her favourite animal we have a fake cow in our backyard we call it Eggnog.

From Ruby

Reading review

So Mr Pastro told us to write on our blog about why reading is so important, but I want to tell you about a book I have finished reading.

It’s called “Flying Solo”.  It got dark incredibly quickly.  I had been reading for 20 seconds and somebody had all ready died.  I’m not kidding.  I wish I was but yeah…… anyway the boy who died was called Tommy. Tommy Feathers had a massive crush on Rachel but Rachel didn’t like Tommy.  I have a feeling Rachel likes Sean and I think Sean likes Rachel.  I TOTALLY SHIP THEM #SACHEL.  After Rachel heard about Tommy Feathers death, she stopped talking.  She wrote notes and her friend Missy read them out.  It was a Friday and when the class found out that their normal teacher was sick and their substitute teacher wasn’t coming.  They decided to run the class by themselves.  They had lots of fights about what they should do, but at the end they found out things about each other they didn’t know.

I was sad when it just ended.  I really wanted Sean and Rachel to kiss <3 LOL.  It was a really good book and I recommend you read it.

Anyway.  That’s all I had to say.  Please tell me if you want me to write more book posts.  BYEEE


flying solo


Performance Night

Performance Night


On 29th of June we had Performance Night where our classes get a song or 2 or 3 or 4.  We then practice the songs we chose and at a date we perform in front of our parents and friends. 

I liked the songs we did (Chorus Line, Singing in the Rain and Annie – It’s a hard knock life).  Singing in the rain could have been better because it was quite slow but other than that, I liked all the songs we performed. Other than our performance my favourite performance was the boys, especially Greased Lightning and the teachers performance was very good and funny.  They performed Can’t Stop the Music.  I thought they were gonna perform YMCA. 



We are doing Ponderings  after lunch. This is where we put all our thoughts on a piece of paper and we have a picture or quote to go with it. Here are some of my thoughts on some of the pictures.  We have looked at many pictures such as a finger popping a bubble in slow motion, two cars trying to fit through a toll gate together and smashing amongst many others.  You will find a post about Ponderings on the class blog.

Where was this taken? Why was it taken? Is this real? Are all the pictures related? Who is this? Why do we want technology? What are they doing? What is this for? Is this a green screen? How did they get such perfect timing? Who popped the bubble? Are those farm houses in the background? Is that a hand in the background? Did the person popping the bubble not mean to pop it?

And there we go those were just some of the comments I thought.