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So Mr Pastro told us to write on our blog about why reading is so important, but I want to tell you about a book I have finished reading.

It’s called “Flying Solo”.  It got dark incredibly quickly.  I had been reading for 20 seconds and somebody had all ready died.  I’m not kidding.  I wish I was but yeah…… anyway the boy who died was called Tommy. Tommy Feathers had a massive crush on Rachel but Rachel didn’t like Tommy.  I have a feeling Rachel likes Sean and I think Sean likes Rachel.  I TOTALLY SHIP THEM #SACHEL.  After Rachel heard about Tommy Feathers death, she stopped talking.  She wrote notes and her friend Missy read them out.  It was a Friday and when the class found out that their normal teacher was sick and their substitute teacher wasn’t coming.  They decided to run the class by themselves.  They had lots of fights about what they should do, but at the end they found out things about each other they didn’t know.

I was sad when it just ended.  I really wanted Sean and Rachel to kiss <3 LOL.  It was a really good book and I recommend you read it.

Anyway.  That’s all I had to say.  Please tell me if you want me to write more book posts.  BYEEE


flying solo


3 thoughts on “Reading review

  1. Dear Ruby,

    I loved your description of flying solo. And… What is it with you and shipping?… but oh well… I loved this post because you talked about the first 20 seconds when someone had died and you explained it very well.

  2. Well… The use of emojis? You aren’t Wrench! (@Watch Dogs 2) This sounds interesting though.Keep reading@readingfrenzy


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